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Avraham Salinger - Director General, Archeology

Rod Salinger has had over 35 years of public speaking experience, starting out as a State Finalist with the Lions Club Youth of the Year program and Toastmasters.  Rod's experience in fundraising is based on his dedication to ensure clients achieve their goals in both funding and effective planning of ongoing operations. 


Rod has considerable experience in the area of commercial fundraising and has been active in finding the most appropriate finance arrangements for resources and industrial projects. Recently he successfully closed the financing for an $8.9 million IT data security project.  He has helped a number of faith based charities in Canada, Israel and Australia to achieve their goals with on time delivery of the expected funding.

Rod delivers his presentations with an enthusiastic commitment that is coupled with an intimate understanding of the underlying issues of the customers business model in a combination that  creates audience engagement and effective results.

Eran Hoffer - Director


Eran Hoffer is our COO and VP of Business development and marketing. He is an internet marketing and advertising specialist in the areas of SEO optimization and  marketing programs targeted at fundraising for charitable organizations and businesses in Europe the United States and Canada.


Eran's skills include improving the targeted demographic market engagement rate to better ensure that users are interacting with the desired advertising media in order to keep the CPC as low as possible.


He also specializes in maximizing social media contacts in the B2B and B2C environments to capitalize on the best marketing strategy for targeting customers in the most cost-effective manner, and in placing CTAs in the most effective locations. He is also experienced with embedding  pixel tracking for re-targeting desired demographic market segments for maximum uptake as well as getting the best out of domain authority ratings by Moz and minimizing the bounce rate experienced by some websites.

John McCordic - Director


ority ratings by Moz and minimizing the bounce rate experienced by some websites.

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